Smart Cell Cultivation with the
CellXpert? C170i CO2 Incubator

Experience smart cell cultivation with the CellXpert C170i CO2 incubator and VisioNize?. They will help you to establish cell-conserving user habits in your lab and and streamline daily routines.

The Smartness in your incubator for maximum cell incubation

Experience smart cell cultivation with the CellXpert C170i CO2 incubator and VisioNize. They will help you to establish cell-conserving user habits in your lab and and streamline daily routines.

Hand using VisioNize touch interface of the cell culture incubator CellXpert C170i.

Further benefits of the VisioNize touch interface

Practical guidance for standardized procedures

Receive guidance through the disinfection process from an integrated wizard and ensure standardized cleaning procedures. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions on the screen and the process will be both executed and documented.

Easy, comprehensive documentation

Filter and export performance charts, events and disinfection & cotifactes within seconds and fulfill increasing demands for documentation of cell-culture conditions for, e.g., regulated environments.

Standard, customized tasks

Preinstalled and customer-programmed tasks can be set with VisioNize onboard to remind you of regularly occuring tasks, e.g., performance of a disinfection cycle, cleaning, splitting of cells, refilling of the water reservoir and performance checks with external sensors.

The Future of Smart Cultivation is here!

Go one step further and experience more peace of mind during cell incubation. With the new CellXpert CO2 incubator and VisioNize, all data and events occuring during incubation will be documented and archived. And the best thing is: You don’t have to be near the device. Enjoy greater freedom!

An Eppendorf CellXpert?C170i CO2 incubator linked by colored lines with various electronic device such as a computer and a smartphone.

All the data from your incubator with the CellXpert C170i Co2 Incubator will be stored in your VisioNize Digital Lab Space.

Lab workers sitting in front of a desktop PC and analyzing data from cell cultivation incubator

VisioNize? monitoring

Stay in contact with your cultivating cells during incubation

What do you do if there’s an alarm in your cell culture lab and you’re not there? Eppendorf offers you a smart and easy solution with VisioNize. Connect your incubator to the VisioNize Digital Lab Space and stay ahead of situations like the one described above.

When you receive an alarm notification, access the monitoring dashboard and scroll through the event list to see what preceded the alarm. Now you're prepared to take immediate action.

Man using a phone to remotely monitor the temperature decreases harming his cell cultures.

VisioNize? notifications

More stability during incubation phase

Enjoy more peace of mind thanks to the notifications sent by VisioNize. Receive information about, e.g., extensive door openings or harmful atmosphere changes.

This way, you can ensure a stable environment for your cultured cells and establish cell-conserving user habits in your lab. VisioNize also streamlines recurring routines and tasks such as checking the gas supply.  Notifications remind you when action is needed.

Man in the lab using laboratory monitoring system of VisioNize and a sign that says ′Subscribe now free of charge′.

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Important note?
Depending on your country, VisioNize and the VisioNize services may not be available. You can either check the Eppendorf eShop or contact your Eppendorf Sales representative for details.


General Questions

What is VisioNize?

VisioNize is the Eppendorf digital platform, delivering valuable services in and around our
Eppendorf devices – to continuously improve your lab life. It basically consists of three components:

- The VisioNize Digital Lab Space hosting the VisioNize services and our VisioNize-onboard devices. The first services enabled by our VisioNize Digital Lab Space are VisioNize monitoring and notifications.

What are VisioNize-onboard devices?

The new generation of lab devices are called VisioNize-onboard devices which come equipped with the VisioNize touch interface, enabling smart features like integrated user management onsite.

What about devices like centrifuges as well as older freezer models?

We continously expand the connectibility of VisioNize to further products. Please check our website for current information:

How does it work?

VisioNize is a cloud-based software, wherefore no software installation is needed.  VisioNize-onboard devices just need to be integrated into your IT network  and added the VisioNize Digital Lab Space. Everything you need to know about the setup of VisioNize can be found here:

Why should I subscribe for VisioNize?

VisioNize can help you improving your lab efficiency by monitoring your devices, introducing advanced notification to report on errors, alarms, and user interactions as well as recurring tasks. Eppendorf will continously develop further features for its digital platform.

Who should I subscribe to the VisioNize Digital Lab Space?

Lab Managers taking care of the device asset should act as Digital Lab Space administrators. The administrator can add and delete additional users giving them the opportunity to monitor devices and subscribe for notifications.

How can I subscribe to the VisioNize Digital Lab Space?

Currently, we only offer our VisioNize services via our Eppendorf eShop. Subscribe now:

Do I have to pay license fees for VisioNize?

VisioNize is currently available as introductory trial.

Which devices can be connected?

You can connect the following VisioNize-onboard devices: the CryoCube? freezer F740hi, the SciVario? twin and the incubator CellXpert? C170i. We will continuously expand the device connectibility.

Can I connect third party instruments?

We want to provide an open platform, enabling also other vendors in our solution and vice versa. Check our website from time to time to receive latest news and updates.

Are my device/personal data safe?

We have created a white paper covering all aspects of security concerning our VisioNize digital platform. Link to white paper:

Which languages are available?

The software is in English available.

Can I monitor my connected laboratory devices from my home?

You can access the VisioNize Digital Lab Space from any (mobile) end device with an internet browser. There is no VPN connection needed.

I have many users in my lab. Can they all have access to VisioNize?

Yes, of course! VisioNize offers a comprehensive user-management function. Multiple users can be connected to the network and be assigned to different levels of access.

Do I need training to work with VisioNize?

Thanks to the intuitive design of VisioNize, training is generally unnecessary. However, if you do require support, please contact us. We would be happy to assist.

In which countries is VisioNize available?

At the moment, VisioNize is available for customers located in in Europe and North America. For other countries, please contact us directly.

What is the vision of VisioNize?

Because we take a long-term view, your investment in our digital platform VisioNize (devices, software, and services) is sustainable: We are continuously working on creating new features dedicated to improving lab management, increasing safety, and boosting efficiency. Our mission is to ease your workload in the lab.

Upcoming devices will be progressively equipped with connectivity and touch interfaces. Our goal is to support the integration of all Eppendorf instruments in this world. Furthermore, we intend to let VisioNize become an open platform for vendors operating in the lab management software field such as LIMS, ELN and more.

VisioNize IT prerequisites and Digital Lab Space subscription

What are the IT prerequisites?

You can find all information regarding the IT prerequisites on our website: Click here:

Are my devices safe?

VisioNize is currently set up in a way that the connected devices are sending their data to the Digital Lab Space. No remote control functions are in place. Thus, only outgoing ports are required. Check the IT prerequisites with your IT department. They can support you.

I lost my password. What can I do now?

Please navigate to the ( VisioNize Digital Lab Space login portal. Click on "Forgot password" to reset your password. Also check your Junk-Mails. Note: If you just have registered to the Digital Lab Space, it can take up to 24 hours to receive your login credentials.

Is my data handled according to GDPR regulations?

Protecting the data of our customer while offering cloud-based services is of the highest priority for us at Eppendorf. Therefore, we have implemented several standards and policies supporting the security of and preventing unauthorized access into the Eppendorf Digital Lab Space used for data storage and housing of our VisioNize service apps. For more information, please check out Security White Paper:

To give you full control over all your personal data in VisioNize, all acquisition, processing, and storage of personal data is fully compliant to the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR).

VisioNize-onboard devices

What is a VisioNize-onboard device?

The new generation of lab devices are called VisioNize-onboard devices which come equipped with the VisioNize touch interface, enabling smart features like integrated user management onsite. The following devices belong to the VisioNize-onboard product family: CryoCube(R) freezer F740i, biological shaker Innova(R) S44i, the CellXpert(R) C170i CO2 incubator, the PCR Mastercylcer(R) X50 and the SciVario? twin Fermenter/Bioreactor Control System.

What device software version is supported?

Check the device prerequisites in our VisioNize Setup Guide: If you have any further questions, please contact your local Eppendorf support.

How can I connect my VisioNize-onboard device to my local network?
  1. An ethernet cable is needed to connect VisioNize-onboard devices to your local network. You will find the IT plug at the back of your device. Note, that a functional ethernet-plug at the location of your device is needed. Your IT department can help you here.
  2. If your IT department allows DHCP, enable DHCP or contact your IT department to add the device manually.
  3. Check directly onsite of the device: Settings → System settings→ Network: Your device gets an IP assigned like, or connect to VisioNize Digital Lab Space.
My device does not get an IP assigned?

You can try the following things:

  1.  In most IT environments your local IT department needs to enable the devices before they can receive an IP address. For that purpose write down the MAC-address of your device (navigate to settings → System settings→ network) and contact your IT department.
  2. Or check whether your devices are connected to your local network via a network cable.
  3. Or check if the ethernet plug in your rooms are functional (contact your IT department)
  4. Or restart your device.
How can I assign a device to my VisioNize Digital Lab Space?

Go to the device and navigate to Settings → System settings → "VisioNize Setup", and follow the instructions. You will need the administrator credentials to connect devices to VisioNize Digital Lab Space.

What happens with monitoring data, if the digital lab space connection breaks up?

Data are stored locally at the device itself and will be sent to the Digital Lab Space after reconnecting.

Where are the servers located?

The servers, working with the VisioNize Digital Lab Space, are located in Europe and all data is stored within the EU.

Can I connect one device to multiple Digital Lab Spaces?

The servers, working with the VisioNize Digital Lab Space, are located in Europe and all data is stored within the EU.

VisioNize operation

Which browsers are supported?

The VisiNize Digital Lab Space can be accessed through the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome; versions 75.x (64-Bit) or later
  • Mozilla Firefox (Quantum), versions 68.x (32-Bit) or later
  • Safari (iOS); versions 12.3.1 or later
  • Microsoft Edge; versions 42.x or later
Which end devices are supported?

(Mobile) End device with a current browser version (see above) is able to log into the VisioNize Digital Lab Space.

Can I access the VisioNize Digital Lab Space from my mobile device?

Yes, you can. The VisioNize Digital Lab Space uses responsive webdesign suitable for all different kinds of devices like tablets and smartphones.

How can I delete my Digital Lab Space?

Currently, this is not possible for users. Please contact your local Eppendorf support and please also include your Digital Lab Space account details in the support request.

How can I deregister devices from the Digital Lab Space?

You can deregister devices in the device management app.

VisioNize Notifications/alarming

How can I receive my notifications?

You can receive notifications via email and SMS text messaging on your mobile end device anytime, wherever you are.

How do I set the notification triggers?

You can define various notifictions like alerts or runtime notifications in the VisioNize Digital Lab Space. Add subscriptions for notifications under the notification dashboard for multiple or individual devices and different alerts and events. Please note: In order to be able to use the VisioNize service notifications, you have to switch on the alarm feature at the device. Please navigate to "Menu"→ "Alarms" at your VisioNize-onboard device and check whether the alarms are turned ON.